Ep. 01: The Bible, Prophecy and Purpose

Oct 5, 2022    Pastor Noah Battle II

Nearly 25-30% of the Bible discusses prophecy and it is an emphatic concern that many modern churches often sidestep biblical prophecy. We will dive deep into Bible prophecy and unravel how it's not just about foretelling events but about fortifying faith, validating the divine word of God and understanding our collective responsibility in these pivotal times.

This video centers on the importance and relevance of biblical prophecy, specifically addressing the significance of prophecy in understanding a substantial portion of the Bible. Pastor Battle encourages you to deeply understand prophecy as it is a direct revelation from God about future events, which both validates the authority of God's word and enhances one's faith. Prophecies that have come true, such as the ones related to Jesus's first coming, serve as testimonials of the authenticity of God's word.

Moreover, the Bible underlines the responsibilities of the "Watchmen," who are tasked with warning others about the implications of prophecy. There's a strong emphasis on the duty of believers to share their understanding of prophecy, with an underlying message that one's salvation is not just personal but meant to be shared with others.